Interested in a commission? 


​1.  Figure out the size you want.  

It can be helpful to use masking take to layout the size on you wall.  If you are totally unsure you can ally send me photos and measurements and I can recommend a size.

2.  Decide what you like.

Look through any photos you took in my booth or photos on my website.  There are lots of works to look at in the sold section.  Gather up photos of elements that you like.  Color, texture, glass color, and style, oct.

3.  Budget.

This can often be a good starting point too.  I can often work within any budget.  My main expense is the glass, so the cost can be adjusted by varying the glass (types and amounts) vs varying the size of the piece.  I will always do my best to give you as much as allowed within the budget.  

4. Contact me.

Now that you have an idea of size, layout, and budget, send me all of the info, including any relevant pics of the area in your home and or any surrounding artworks.  The more information I have, the better I can give you what you want.  Pictures are key!

5. Time.  

Commissions can take time.  Average artwork will take 6-8 weeks depending on weather, travel, work load, glass availability, inspiration, ect. In most cases I don't take payment until the work is done.  If the piece is especially, unique,  large or complicated I may ask for a 50% nonrefundable deposits up front. Once we have agreed upon the piece, I will start and do my best to keep you posted along the way. Naturally I will contact you with any questions that arise and hope you would do the same.  Unlike some artworks, my work is a one shot deal, and I only make commissions once. I will do my very best to give you what you have asked for the first time, if for some reason you are not happy, then you are not required to buy the piece.  I you have put down a deposit, this again is nonrefundable, but you won't be required to purchase the whole piece (never had this happen). I look forward to creating unique artwork for your home or business.  A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone that has supported my artistic journey through purchasing my works.